First and foremost we hope that you, your families and colleagues are safe given the unprecedented environment we find ourselves in. We write so you know that despite the crisis, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team at Carmody has made the transition to ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ODR) such that we are able to continue to work with you whether on Mediations, Arbitrations or other proceedings.

We have been writing about this transition to ODR for more than a year (Carmody’s ADR Blog). We have held numerous successful online Mediations. We firmly believe that this ODR resource will become more and more useful as parties recognize its cost effectiveness, and in many cases, cost savings.

After doing numerous ODR Mediations, we have developed and are using the attached Mediation Guidelines in current Mediations. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the same level of privacy, confidentiality and ethics you expect from us in any other Mediation or proceeding.

Despite working remotely, we have found that many parties are using the hiatus to resolve longstanding matters. It is an excellent time to do so, and we are ready to help.

You can find other helpful articles on our ADR blog. To subscribe, please click here.

Stay Safe.

Contact Info:

Jay Sandak, Chair
(203) 252-2699;

Hon. Douglas C. Mintz (Ret.)
(203) 252-2658; 203-733-1067;

D. Charles Stohler
(203) 575-2626; 203-592-7818;

Stephen J. Conover
(203) 252-2668;

James K. Robertson, Jr.
(203) 575-2636;

Gary S. Klein
(203) 252-2696;

Ann H. Rubin
(203) 578-4201;