How long will the examination take?

Your attorney may be able to give you a better idea regarding specifics about the scope of the proposed examination; however, the exam may be as short as half an hour or perhaps take several hours. It it’s a psychological examination, it may last all day or even more than one day.

Plan extra time into your schedule. Be prepared to wait for the doctor. If for some reason the doctor is detained or unable to be there, contact your lawyer. Before attending the exam, you should discuss with your attorney whether to bring someone with you to the exam.

  • Any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions.
  • List of any medications you were taking regularly right before the injury that is the subject of your case.
  • List of current medications you are now taking.
  • All current physical problems you’re experiencing as a result of this injury.
  • Any mental or emotional problems you’re experiencing as a result of this injury.
  • How those physical, mental and emotional problems from the injury affect your daily life.
  • Any unrelated physical, mental or emotional problems that you would be having anyway, not connected to this injury.
  • Dates (approximate) and nature of all surgeries, hospital stays, treatments, and any other significant medical history in your life, both before the injury, and after.

Things to consider before attending the IME:

It’s a good idea to sit down and think about, even write out, a list of all issues, problems, conditions, injuries, and limitations caused by your injuries from the incident that provide the basis for your claim. You should include how your activities and life have changed because of your injuries. Work with your attorney to prepare this list. Your list should include:

Never withhold information from the IME when asked about your pre-existing related medical issues or injuries. That said, you do not need to memorize any specifics about your prior course of medical care or the exact dates of your prior  injuries. You should simply be prepared to explain what conditions and issues (if any) you experienced before the subject incident and what issues you have suffered from since the incident.


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