Effective July 1, 2022, employers covered under the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (CTFMLA) must provide notice to each employee at the time of hiring, and annually thereafter, (1) of their entitlement to job-protected family and medical leave, (2) of the opportunity to file a claim for compensation under the CTPL program, (3) that retaliation by the employer against the employee for requesting, applying for or using family and medical leave for which the employee is eligible is prohibited, and (4) that the employee has a right to file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner for any violations.

The Connecticut Department of Labor (DOL) and the Connecticut Paid Leave Authority have issued a model notice that employers can use to fulfill the notice requirements. The template notice can be accessed here. The Connecticut DOL’s proposed regulations (they have not yet been finalized) state that employers may provide the required information in an employee handbook.

Action Step: Employers can use the template DOL notice, or a variation of it, to provide the required notice. Employers also should review and update, as necessary, their FMLA policy to ensure that it includes the required information.

Employers also should be aware of some new employment laws that were recently passed in Connecticut. One new law provides various protections for victims of domestic violence that will require updates to certain employment policies. More information about the new Connecticut laws can be accessed here.

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