Local law firm, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP, recently donated $2,000 to provide playground and physical education equipment to Westover Magnet School students displaced from their home campus to a satellite campus because of mold.  In fall 2018, due to ongoing concerns about mold, Westover students were relocated to an office building in Stamford’s South End that was converted into a satellite school. The lawyers at Carmody took an immediate interest in the issue and offered to help provide support in the event the school developed a wish list of items that the school could not transfer to the new building. Once students and staff settled into their new Westover School campus, it became apparent that the students needed outdoor play equipment for the upcoming spring season. Carmody saw an opportunity to help. Attorney Ann Zucker, Carmody’s Managing Partner and Stamford resident, saw a great opportunity to provide support. “We wanted to support something the students and faculty specifically needed, that was not within the normal budget of the school. This seemed like a great opportunity for our firm to help students enjoy the spring weather. Our firm likes to support local needs and has been inspired by the resilience of the Westover community in response to a problem beyond its control.  We hope the students will enjoy this equipment and will soon be able to bring this equipment back to their home campus. We are glad we could help.”

For more information, please see the article “Local Law Firm Donates Playground Cash.”


Thank you letters from the student at Westover Magnet School: