Developers should be aware that major changes to parking facilities will soon be required as a result of newly enacted Public Act 22-25, signed by Governor Lamont in July. Starting January 1, 2023, municipalities must require new commercial and multifamily residential buildings with 30 or more parking spaces to include electric vehicle charging stations in at least 10 percent of these spaces.

Public Act 22-25 gives municipalities the option to increase this requirement above 10 percent. Some municipalities already have regulations requiring electric vehicle charging stations for new developments, so it is important to be aware of how these regulations interact with the Act.

Additionally, the Act bars condominium associations from adopting and enforcing rules that prohibit owners from installing electric vehicle charging stations in unit parking spaces and from installing solar panels on the roofs of their own units. The Act includes provisions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector and improve air quality.

The full Act is available here.

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Daniel C. Chapple

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