Immigration – U.S. Employers and Multi-national Companies


U.S. Employers and Multi-national Companies

We represent clients across a range of industries to secure valid and appropriate employment authorizations for prospective foreign national employees. We understand the critical importance of securing the right type of work-visa or permit solution for our clients, and of avoiding any negative repercussions or penalties associated with lack of compliance with U.S. laws and regulations.

Whatever our clients’ goals, our knowledgeable immigration practice team will navigate the regulations, policies and processes of U.S. immigration to guide them to success – and we do so with maximum speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, we offer our clients direct and easy access to an online case-management system so that they can track the real-time progress of their cases, if they chose to do so.

There are numerous categories of temporary nonimmigrant visas, each with various sets of qualifiers, specifications and requirements. Our Immigration team is thoroughly versed with each type and will identify the solution that is most appropriate. The various nonimmigrant temporary visa types include:

• H1-B visas for degreed professionals
• L1-A/L1-B multinational employees
• H1-B visas for medical professionals and academic personnel
• E-3 visas for Australians
• Treaty NAFTA (TN) visas
• J-1 and H-3 trainees
• 0-1 for individuals with outstanding abilities
• B-1 business visitor visas

We also assist foreign-based corporations and entrepreneurs in filing for investor visas and facilitating the transfer of certain key personnel to temporarily staff their U.S. operations, including:
• E1/E2 treaty trader & investor visas
• EB-5 investor immigrant petitions

An important tool in retaining highly-skilled workers who rely on temporary nonimmigrant visas and EAD cards for work authorization purposes, is offering green card sponsorship. The process can be arduous. However, it can be greatly facilitated through close coordination with qualified, ethical and licensed legal professionals. Our Immigration team conducts the application process correctly the first time, thus enabling our clients to manage their time and money with confidence. There several categories of permanent immigrant visa/work solutions, including:

• Extraordinary ability (EB-1A)
• “National interest waivers”
• Multinational executive/managers
• Extraordinary ability and advanced degree employees (EB2)
• PERM labor certifications for managers and skilled workers
• Family-based green cards
• Green cards for investors




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