Immigration – Compliance (I-9 and E-Verify)


Compliance (I-9 and E-Verify)

In this time of heightened scrutiny of immigration practices in the United States, our team provides comprehensive immigration consultation services designed to help clients achieve their goals, comply with all applicable rules and regulations and thereby avoid immigration-related penalties such us the federal government’s I-9 sanctions, which target employers that fail to meet strict work-authorization requirements for new employees.

Our Immigration team regularly works with employers to help them avoid such penalties. We review clients’ policies and procedures in order to troubleshoot compliance-related problems, and where necessary help them develop new approaches geared toward full compliance with the intricate I-9 completion and recordkeeping rules. This includes teaching employers how to properly use the government’s E-Verify™ system (formerly known as Basic Pilot Program) and training them on the proper way to respond to “SSN No-Match” letters and other enforcement related challenges.

When companies are subjected to government audits, our attorneys step in to help them avoid or minimize immigration-related fines, and they aggressively defend clients’ interests in any subsequent formal administrative hearings.

Our Immigration Practice is deeply committed to helping clients achieve their employment goals while also fully adhering to all U.S. laws and regulations. Toward that end, they conduct full evaluations of employers’ employee handbooks, written and non-written policies and immigration sponsorships. They also work with employers to draft or revise detailed immigration policies, train staff on I-9 compliance, develop overall employment strategies, and adopt proven “best practices” for full compliance.




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